5 star hotel Lecce

The Risorgimento Resort, a 5 star hotel in Lecce, is in Via Augusto Imperatore a road next to the city’s most famous square, the Sant’Oronzo, and close to the splendid Piazza Duomo and the Santa Croce Basilica which is an explosion of Baroque architecture. A delightful stroll you wish would never end.

The hotel has 41 rooms, six suites and a hall lit with unusual scarlet clusters and papier machè statues. Bookshelves, benches and comfortable chairs in which to while away the if sitting outdoors in a sunny Salento square.

The bond with the environs is the lietmotif of the interior decor in this ambience of exclusive hospitality in an environment of intense emotions.

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5 star hotel lecce hotel lecce 5 star hotel lecce hotel | RISORGIMENTO RESORT